Friday, May 31, 2013

First Post

Right now I'm sitting for the second time in as many months in the Panama City airport. It's hot, humid and drizzling out (haha, just like when I left) and I'm waiting for my flight to Cordoba.

As far as the journey goes, I don't have much to report yet. But I did run into a friend from high school, Laura Hallock, on the flight out of Austin and we coincidentally have the same flight path on our way to South America (Austin to Houston to Panama City- we're even flying out of neighboring gates).

I talked to my seat-mate for most of the flight down. He was on his way to Lima to visit his daughters and was exceptionally kind in regards to correcting my Spanish. After seeing that I was bringing a guitar he told me he was convinced that I was an excellent player and my protests were just out of modesty. They definitely weren't. Haha, I'm guessing that's a situation that will repeat itself a lot while I'm here. Though maybe it will serve as incentive to learn how to play quickly.
This one is for you Stacie! :)
In other news I found Stacie's old friend the Panama City claw machine. I did not win a prize, but I had fun taking a picture with it. I'm hoping Stacie will be proud of me... Haha, like I said, not much to report by way of airport adventures.

More generally though, for the past few weeks I've felt like I wasn't prepared to leave Austin again. It seems like whenever a big change in my life finally arrives, I'm not ready for it. I've gotten comfortable at CMC and at home I'm not ready to go out on a branch and start over in a new place again. And more than that, I'm really going to miss being with friends and family. But I woke up this morning, packed up some last minute gifts from a friend and felt surprisingly optimistic about this trip.

Either way, it's about time to board and I'm excited to be going somewhere.

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