Sunday, July 28, 2013

BA: día uno

Most stressful morning at the airport I've ever experienced; about two weeks ago I booked a flight, got a confirmation and a seat number but the ticket didn't go through because I have foreign credit cards. However, I didn't know this and didn't print a boarding pass because I had a confirmation number. This morning when I found out. The flight was full, and I think I only I got on the flight to BA de pedo (by miracle).

It was also stressful because the woman checking us in was exceptionally grumpy and after my mother's and aunt's bags were overweight got mad at them and then me for not having a ticket. She yelled at me for having a guitar and made me wait until the last moment possible to get on the plane (though the security guard whispered to me about a minute before she ushered me over that I shouldn't worry because the mean clerk had known there was definitely a free seat for about ten minutes). But no importa because I'm here now. (Hurray!)

The rest of the day was good. The hotel is copado. It's in an old building with an enclosed, old fashioned, wrought-iron elevator, and an entryway covered floor to ceiling with ceramic tile from the 20s. (Haha, I was fascinated by the elevator). Then we walked around BA for a bit today and had a very long, very nice, dinner at the restaurant beneath the hotel. Tomorrow we're taking a ferry to Uruguay for the day and need to be up at 6am, so, buenas noches!

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