Saturday, July 13, 2013


 Just walked out onto the balcony to see a fireworks show coming from the apartment complex kitty corner to mine. Que buenaondas! My first thought had been that there were cars backfiring outside my window. My second was that the convicts had escaped from the prison a block from my apartment (I'm halfway joking, yeah, that's silly, I know). But after about 30 seconds of continuous firing, I figured it out.

 From where I was on our apartment's tiny balcony I must have been 50m from the fireworks. I've never heard loader fireworks than these, and I don't think it's just because I've never been so close- they were LOUD. The show only lasted about five minutes, but it was a really neat surprise.

 I tried to look up what they are for, but can't figure it out, as far as I can find today isn't any sort of holiday. Actually, their independence day was last week (July 9th). I'll have to ask Cami when she wakes up. 

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