Thursday, July 25, 2013

Suburban Claremont is looking really nice.

Today was my last day in the hospital.

The hospital was okay, but the walk over was not. I was walking by the future police headquarters (currently a construction site) and I saw from a gap in the corrugated metal that fences off the site, two guys beating up a third. The site is immediately across the street from my apartment complex so I ran to get Marcos, my friend and the building's porter. By the time I was back at the gate there was no one there. I don't know if it's been coincidental or if I'm more aware since being mugged, but over the past few weeks Cordoba has seemed a lot more violent.

I've definitely felt more scared walking around Cordoba since being robbed and it's something I've thought about a lot. But after this morning, the construction site fight is not something that hung over me during the day. I'm not sure what that says about my personality or about my experience here, but once I realized there wasn't much I could do, I pushed it out of my head and now, at about 4:30 pm, is the first time I've processed it since I arrived at the hospital this morning.

Tomorrow I'll write a post about the hospital/medicine/Cordoba, but not really feeling up for a long summary at the moment. Though, I should say that otherwise, I've had a good week at the hospital and in general and I'm looking forward to seeing my mom soon.

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  1. geeze, jaz. it sounds like this whole experience has been pretty traumatic for you. the violence in argentina is not at all what i thought it was. you're really brave to have stuck it out and used it all as a learning experience.

    all the snow cones and hugs when you come back.

    xo nicole