Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jujuy day 1

Great day! It was off to a rough start when I got off the bus this morning to find that no one was answering my calls, knocks on the door or bell ringing. It also it didn´t help that once I got out of the cab I was stranded outside in Cami´s family´s completely residential neighborhood in smog I haven´t seen since Beijing and 50 degree weather. But! I started walking and eventually wound up hanging out at the natural history museum in town for a few hours and having mate with one of the curators.

Then I walked back to thier apartment and met Cami´s youngest brother, Diego, and hung out with him and Cami´s mom until my French friend Julie came to pick me up to go treking with her new Argentinian boyfriend, Sergio. Sergio exceptionally nice and is currently traveling around South America in a camper van (la camionita) that he´s named Madonna; he keeps a business suit in the back next to his mattress and mountain bike. The three of us did a short hike through the botanical gardens outside of town and then walked around the city center, got coffee and churros and walked through another street market.

Diego was playing a show this evening at a nearby restaurant and so once I got back to the house, I talked to Ignasio for a few hours (Wow, what different perspectives. And although he didn´t leave me with the best first impression, he´s really grown on me. Haha, maybe Carlos was right and I really should work on being less judgemental...). We had dinner here and just got back from Diego´s show. The band mostly covered pop songs, and I enjoyed it a lot, the girl accompanying Diego had an amazing voice and he´s a great guitarest. It was also fun because we were in Diego´s friend´s restaurant which was a place that was really brightly colored with art covering all the walls, and although it was probably meant to seat 30 people max, it had about 50 tonight during the show.

Tomorrow we´re going to Cami´s uncle´s for churipan and then the country for the afternoon!

P.S. Tomorrow is ´friend day´ in Argentina- so thank you to all my friends, I´m missing you guys who are back in Austin and Claremont and around the world/country right now. Looking forward to seeing you guys back home and at school!

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