Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I'm still pretty sick, but I dragged my butt out of bed today to get a prescription from Dr. Marienelli at the hospital and then to walk around the museums here.

I'm convinced that the most beautiful part of the Museum of Modern Art in Cordoba is the museum itself. It's gorgeous. And coincidentally, as I was thinking this I walked into the last exhibit in the museum which showed the buildings of famous Argentinian architects, and wuddahyaknow, Museo Emilio Carraffa is featured on one of the first panels. With the exception of the windmill picture below, I found nothing else that made an impression.

However, I also went to the Museum of Natural Sciences, and enjoyed that a lot. Two things I'm a sucker for: dinosaurs and rocks. And, once again, the museum itself was really cool. The whole place was designed around a central, circular room, and each exhibit lined the walls on a different floor.

The other pictures below are from Saturday when Cami, Cami's mom, and I went to La Cumbrecita.

P.S. Went back to another Wednesday night movie screening at Museo Carraffa but this week wasn't nearly as good- it was an animated Argentinian film about retirement homes, I think I'll try again next week though.

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