Thursday, June 13, 2013

Capo caper

Yesterday I lost my capo (it's basically a clamp for the neck of a guitar that's needed to play some songs). And instead of learning a song that didn't require a capo (which would be the logical thing to do) I stayed up an extra two hours looking for it and turning my room upside down.

Literally, I turned the beds and mattresses upside down, took out the dresser drawers, and shook out the contents of my backpack onto my bedspread, only to toss them back in so I could shake out the bedspread. And I was so sure I'd seen it yesterday! But I was in a mentality where I felt like I had to finish looking for it before I could sleep... or start practicing the guitar.

When Cami got home close to midnight, I asked if she'd seen it anywhere around the apartment. She said no, but got a glass from the kitchen and turned it upside down on the bedside table. She said that her mother would put a glass upside down and the object would appear. We laughed, and I went to bed.

When I woke up at 6:00 I immediately pulled on my scrubs, brushed my teeth and put on my coat. At which point I felt something metal caught in the sleeve. Yeah, that's right, the capo!

I have no idea how the capo got stuck there, and even less idea how it endured me vigorously shaking out my clothing the night before, but I was really pleased that the cup trick seemed to have worked.

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  1. Pretty funny! I always say that there is something to be said for "sayings" ... they wouldn't have endured if there wasn't some basis in fact!