Friday, June 28, 2013

Half Way

It's the last day for my American friends (which means I'm halfway through my two months!) and last night we had dinner with the CFHI directors for Cordoba- Carlos and Charly. I hadn't met Charly yet and hadn't seen Carlos since the... 3rd day I was here... It's a very hands-off program... But I made an effort to talk a lot and actually found 'Charlos' very easy to understand, probably because they deal with so many foreigners.

So, the good news is that because my Spanish has improved so much, sometime next week I'm going to be the first CFHIer to work at Hospital San Roque- which is a complete hospital that has a neurology department, deals with trauma in the ER, and currently is not exclusively treating patients for la gripe. I'm pretty excited- hopefully it will be more interesting. Also, even though I'm going to miss my American friends a lot, if I'm the only foreign student there, I'll be forced to speak Spanish constantly. Though I don't know how I'll survive without Paige explaining the medical terminology to me!

The bad news is that especially over the past week or so I've found that my Spanish-speaking ability fluctuates wildly within the course of a day and I'll be in situations at the hospital where I have absolutely no idea what anyone is saying, and then a few hours later something will snap in place and I will understand 100% and speak fluidly (if you exclude my constant grammatical errors). Carlos said that as the first CFHIer to go to San Roque I 'have a lot of responsibility', I told him I'd 'do him proud'. Though I am a bit nervous about being completely on my own in a massive hospital complex. But I've got at least two more days at Rawson, so I've got some time to prepare.

The front of 'Old San Roque', I'm not sure if I'll be at the Old Building or New.

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