Monday, June 24, 2013

Pulling JAZes

"Pulling a JAZ" is slang for doing something clumsy, or foolish, or ridiculous in an embarrassing way. Here is a more expansive definition:

Today I washed all of my pants before realizing that I'd ripped and thrown away my only pair of tights and needed to leave the house in ten minutes (everything is air dried here). So, I put on wet pants and checked facebook to see that Nadia had sent me a message saying she was at Plaza San Martin. When I put my computer down and stood up I didn't realize my leg was asleep, I slipped and my weight gave out and I fell over and hit the bedside table. Don't ask me how I am that unaware. Then I walked over to the restaurant where I was going to meet my CFHI friends before walking to Paseo de los Artes. The restaurant was not open because it was only 5:30 and dinner isn't served until 9 at the earliest. I walked to San Martin and a pigeon pooped on my shoe. I hadn't put Carlos' number into my Argentinian cell phone, Paige's phone was out of money and I didn't know where near the square they were eating. And my pants were cold. Eventually I found them, but I think I set a record for most JAZes pulled in a half hour time period. 

...I'm pretty sure that's not something to be proud of, so I don't know why I'm confessing it for my friends and family to read, but hopefully you guys get a laugh out of it.

P.S. To mom and Kathryn; they were the sisterhood of traveling pants pants that never actually traveled outside of my closet, so maybe I'm getting what I deserve for hoarding them. :P

P.P.S. Unrelated to this post, here are some photos of where I went for the picnic Friday.

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  1. Jajaja! That's what you get for hoarding our sisterhood pants!!!