Thursday, June 13, 2013


I saw a hysterectomy today.

In some ways it was amazing, in others, it was a lot simpler than expected. Once again, the surgeon was essentially just removing an organ (the uterus, nbd). The surgery was laparoscopic, meaning that they created five small holes in the woman's abdomen and inserted a probe which projected video onto a flat screen and then used the remaining holes to manipulate clamps and scalpels.

I think my mouth was gaping for the majority of the surgery (glad to have been wearing a surgical mask). And at the same time it occurred to me that the skill involved seemed to be knowledge based rather than in the surgeon's touch. I think I say this because all aspects of handling the patient and cutting/pulling/cauterizing were much rougher than I expected.

I'm not sure surgery is for me, I wasn't nauseous like Tues, but I can't see myself ever actually enjoying performing surgery. I'm going to try and see more next week and maybe switch the the pediatric hospital if I can.

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