Sunday, June 9, 2013

El mejor asado

Today was great- the best since I arrived! I finally slept in until 11am (Argentinian style), woke up, walked to the supermarket with Cami to meet some friends from her swimming class for 'brunch' and BBQ. Haha, brunch has somehow managed to go 'til 7pm.

Once we got to the store we bought groceries and took a cab to one of their houses outside the city center. It was a really pretty place and they had a patio and a tiny backyard with a lemon tree and a huuuuge brick grill. They didn't know eachother very well, or at least not by name, since they only knew eachother from practice, and so I wasn't the odd-man-out (not that that's been much of a problem with Cami's friends- they've been really welcoming, but it was nice not to be the only one introducing themselves).

My Spanish is still not great, so I had trouble understanding a lot, but they were exceptionally nice. I showed them how to toss a frisbee and we played frisbee and volleyball a bit. They also showed me how to use the grill. It was pretty complicated; they started a fire in a wrought iron frame, waited for the wood to turn into coals, took the frame out and lowered the grill itself, put the wood on top of the left side of the grill and some of the coals under the rest of it (this took about two hours), and then cooked the meat.

There was a lot of meat and it was the best I've ever had (sorry, Texas). I had been under the impression that Argentinians love meat, but don't actually eat it often because Cami doesn't. That was a completely false impression. They eat lots of meat. In this case there were literally pounds upon pounds upon pounds of meat piled on the grill- almost all of which was eaten.

I'm going to try and switch my schedule to the afternoons a couple days a week at the hospital so I can swim with them in the mornings though I'm not sure if I'll be able to for at least a couple of weeks.


  1. Tell the cute girl sitting next to you that she should come visit Austin sometime

  2. Haha, I'll do that actually. She started a trend of dramatically posing for the camera and made the photos a lot more fun!