Saturday, June 22, 2013


Carlos, Paige and I took an 8am bus to a national park outside of Carlos Paz today. No condors spotted but we did see a sparrow-like bird (I'll look it up tomorrow) and a few falcons. It was sunny all day and we hiked about 12k through some really cool landscape. I'll post more pictures when I have time, but here is one Paige took of me near the beginning of the trail.

We also finally ate at the sketchy Parrilla that's kitty corner to my apartment complex. Not only were the portions larger and the food better than the place where we ate last night, but it was also half the price. And it's literally a stones throw away. Now we're meeting to get dessert and try a wine bar near the main square.

Oh, and if you talk to me, ask me about the card tricks Paige taught me today.

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