Monday, June 24, 2013

Small things

Just woke up from a 2-hour surprise nap. It was practically involuntary and I'm just glad I woke up before I'm supposed to meet my American friends for dinner. 

We're going to (hypothetically) eat Chinese food! I'm not so sure it exists here, but I'm excited to find out!

Something that probably only I will find interesting (but I will write about anyway): I finally have hot water! This probably should have been classified under the 'pulling JAZes' post, but I forgot. About two days ago I was once more taking a cold shower and fiddling with the knobs in hopes of figuring out how and why my very first day the water was perfect, but never since. I shouted to Cami "TODAVIA ES FRIO, NO SE PORQUE!" - she had been telling me to turn it off, which I didn't understand, but came in and adjusted the pressure to a little less than the minimum. Depsues, por supuesto habia agua caliente! 

I feel like there is cliche lesson about not forcing situations or about using only what you need in life wrapped up in that story, but at that moment my biggest lesson learned was that the water heater is underpowered and I should appreciate hot showers a lot more than I do.

Another unrelated topic:
I saw this candy at a kiosko today that
I thought initially was hardened mochi.
It is not, it's pretty much heaven; walnut
and dulce de leche in a suger shell. I
think it will be my downfall here. 

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