Monday, June 24, 2013

Paseo de los artes

Tonight I met up with some people I met last tuesday at Espanol y Cerveza. I took Paige and Nadia along to meet them and we went to Paseo de las plugas (literally translated it means flea market, though it's also called the 'artisan fair' and I think that name is more accurate). We met Nico and Luciano and walked around, Luciano bought a mate mug for a Swedish friend of his he's going to visit- I hadn't expected the fair to be so large, it was at least 3 or four city blocks of stalls right next to each other. Then we went to a cafe and had coffee (they were out of mate- what?!?) and talked for a while. I really like them both, their other friends didn't come because of the weather, but it seems like they're friends with a lot of the international people who come to Spanish y Cerveza and like they go out as a group pretty regularly. I'm pretty excited to be getting to know real Cordobans, especially because in a week all my American friends will be gone. Also, I found out today that there's a week long gap where I'll be the only CFHI student here because they don't begin the July kids until after 4th of July. I think it'll be good, I'll have to hang out exclusively with Argentinian friends. Though tonight was actually the perfect mix, we spoke in Spanish the whole night and I got to serve as translator. However, over the past week or so since Mendoza my mind has changed about spending time with the other CFHIers- even though I probably shouldn't be if I'm going to learn Spanish, I like them a lot, (even the ones who frustrated me initially) and I'm going to miss them when the rest of them leave at the end of this week.

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