Friday, June 14, 2013


We got into Mendoza this morning and walked about two miles to the Hostel. From what Ive seen the city looks cleaner and less polluted than Cordoba. We went on a "wine and bike" tour today where we rented bikes in the country side and biked around between different wineries and chocolate shops. It was a lot of fun, and even though itś winter here and not particularly green, its still pretty, the weather was perfect and it was really nice to be outside of a city for most of the day.

Ill post some pictures once I get back- probably sometime on Monday. No idea what weŕe going to do tomorrow.

Also, I wanted to post some pretty awesome encouragement my Dad sent me in response to my last post, about his time working on the floor of a steele mill in college:

Don’t abandon the idea of becoming a surgeon based two experiences.  If you spend enough time in the environment (like an operating room), it eventually becomes familiar, and comfortable.   When I first went to work at Pacific Tube Company in the “Pickle House” – it was like entering Dante’s Inferno – A room the size of half a football field filled with tanks of acids and other chemicals with fumes and smoke rising -  on 8 feet high steel girders with open fires underneath and temperatures of 135 degrees at 3:30 pm – within a couple of weeks, I felt completely comfortable in the hellish environment.

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